HL-160S / HL-280S

Completely Automatic Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

1. Touch Screen

It adopts industry LCD displayer with graphic touch control, multi color, all time monitoring function. Which communication with control system and display the data of knitting amount, time, speed, roller, stitch, yarn carrier, ect. It is clearly shown and can be adjusted in the process. It is most convenient and efficient way to amend the data.

2. Detect Alarm Device

It realizes full way alarm function (up-down and left-right) to ensure the protection of knitwear and machine. The fully improves the detect and protect function of the former 2 detect function which still exists in the knitting machine field. 

3. Sinker System

It is moveable full sinker system with the function to improve the knitting function adjustable according to the knitwear. It can prevent the knitting fabric raise follow needle up, which can change the knitting ability.

4. Head

The small maximum head can reduce the rotation distance, and increase the effective head weaving. Maximum speed is 1.2m/s, adjustable according to the width and patterns of knitwear to avoid invalid movement and achieve high efficiency. Double or triple system can perform all the knitting function individually with quick reaction, accurate positioning. It also short-circuit protection of electromagnet, current excessive and jam protection of motor. 

5. Yarn Carrier

16 yarn carriers can adjust the position automatically according to the width of the knitwear. And the position can be fine adjusted according to the speed. It reacts fast and position actually. In order to knit complicated knitwear, we also accommodate intarsia yarn carrier.

6. Cutter and Clips

The cutters and clips are controlled by six motors separately, with program instruction in phrase or departing, for more effective working efficiency and yarn waste decreasing.

7. Lateral tension

It use the high quality spring to effect the yarn tension, besides the tension control function, it can also pull back the superfluous yarn occurs when the carriage moves reversely to tighten the yarn in the uniform tension which is to guarantee the normal knitting. The tension spring with sensor is high sensitive, and is not affected by the external factors such as environment and sundries. The induction function is stable and rapid.

8. Yarn storage

The storage is assembled between the yarn bobbing stand and the yarn carrier. It can improve the tension of yarn to uniform the tension of the different yarn and control the density of the knitwear. The detective and alarm function of the yarn storage make the operator more convenient to piece the broken yarn..

9. Take down roller

With the high rollers technology of European system, high position roller device is placed in the most high position close to the gap between the two needle bed, Roller device is controlled by stepping motor, electric machine adopts subdivision direction technology for exact control, for knitted fabric flexible tensile maximum; it is equipped with discharge inverted volume safety induction device to realize effective protect function.

10. Comb device

Comb system can cut the knitwear restart the next piece automatically. This changes the traditional way of connected-piece style. The waste time and yarn to separate the knitwear is reduced. The precision type complex needle ensures the quality and stability. The system is controlled by precise torque motor and operation system and has the feature of quickly reaction, accurately position and flexible pulling. It has the central closure detective and protection function.

11. Racking

It adopts exact AC servo motor control system, makes use of advanced insert and digital signal processing and intelligent power module technology for entire processing control. Max 2 inches. Racking speed is adjustable according to different pattern and yarn.

Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples

Model Type: HL-160S, HL-260S, HL-280S

Gauge: 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G

Knitting Width: Max width is 80 inches.

Knitting System: Single System / Double System

Knitting Speed: 32 levels, max 1.2M/Sec, program command control

Driving Method: Servo electric machinery controlled by computer ensures to run stable with high torque whatever the speed is high or low

Stitch Density System: Controlled by steeping motor 32-levels of 0-650 density is adjustable

Neilsbed: Apply inlayed, can changed if it is damaged.

Racking: 2 inches racking range, controlled by servo motor available for inching

Cloth wind-up motion. Latest automatic wind-up motion, 32-levels electronic control, available for inching.

Need selection: 8-levels selector

Triangle System: Triangle compound design, individual or simultaneous “knit-transfer” while the other system keeps knitting to ensure high efficiency.

Color-changing System: 2*8 groups yarn carries are on the left & right sides of 4 guide rails, can shift yarn carrier at any position of neilsbed.

Protection System: The machine automatically alarms with sound-light by stopping the machine if there is situation of yarn-breaking, cloth falling, needle broken, needle colliding, backwards rewinding, end of knitting, motor over loading, fail or racking.

Controlling System: Adopt LCD industrial screen, input device is USB, graphics interface and keyboard operation.

Sinker: special sinker and control installation, benefit for complex knitting.

Memory Function: Adopt CMOS technology, there is memory during power off time.

Power Supply: AC220/50HZ / 110V 60HZ.

Measurement of Package: 2800*1100*1900mm

Net Weight: 1500kgs.