Computerized Direct Drive Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Auto Thread Trimmer

1. Presser foot lift shaft and presser foot swing shaft full seal design in the case cavity. 
2. Integrated built-in auto foot lifter device. 
3. Adopt high-power reverse stitch electromagnet, suitable for  heavy materials reverse seaming. 
4. Optimize the convenience of the window, to facilitate the workers to adjust the amount of pressure foot interaction. 
5. Head and control system of the new integrated design, improve efficiency.  
6. Applicable for leather, artificial leather, case, cushions, tents, sofas, footwear, bags, gloves and wallet etc.

HP device(Presser foot height adjustable,easiy sewing upper and down); New link mechanism
(to prevent lifting the pressure foot up and down the inflexible phenomenon); built-in presser foot lifting.

Top and Bottom Feed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine is for the expansion type sewing material and medium and thick material with large mobility, during the sewing process it can make the feeding amount at upper and lower level reach consistent. Moreover, the sewing thickness has remarkable climbing performance. By adopting large automatic lubricating hook to hook thread, it can save the time and improve working efficiency. It is used for thick material such as leather, artificial leather, canvas, car seat causion, and other thick clothing.

Technical Parameters
Details Photos
Stitch Samples
Model HL-9312-D4 / HL-9312-D4-12 / HL-9312A-D4-HP
Stitch Formation Lockstitch
Mechanical Type Flat Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 13mm
Max. sewing speed 2200rpm
Stitch Length                                  8-12mm
Presser Foot Lifting 6-13mm
Type of Needle DYX17 11-18#
Feed Mechanism UP & DOWN Feeding
Packing Size 700*270*660mm                          
Weight 40/37kgs