Computerized Direct Drive Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Side Knife

Applicable to sewing all kinds of shirt, suits or similar cloths. Especially the collar and front of garments. Feeder machine is very unique. 

It can keep needle distance in consistense while sewing. Cutter device make sewing and trimming complete finished at the same time.

Thus improving the work efficiency. The cutting knife could be stopped when turn the cutting button uoward, and it could be used at common machine

HL-5200 normal with side knife

HL-5200D computerized with direct driver motor

HL-5200D-QB computerized with direct driver motor and folder

Technical Parameters
Details Photos
Stitch Samples
Model HL-5200 / HL-5200D / HL-5200D-QB
Stitch Formation Lockstitch
Mechanical Type Flat Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 5.5-15mm
Max. sewing speed 5000rpm
Stitch Length                                  0-5mm
Presser Foot Lifting 4-9mm
Type of Needle DBX1 #8-#18
Packing Size 680*245*523mm                          
Weight 40/37kgs