High Speed Cylinder Bed Interlock Sewing Machine with Pulley

This series interlock sewing machine is a big group. It can apply various accessories to perform many functional stitches. It is a necessory machinery for a mass products of garments and it is widely used in stretch sewing of fashions, materials such as underwear, T-shirts, shorts and knitted fashions, knitted coats and jeans etc. It is also applied for functional stitches like hem collar bound seaming, elastic arched stitches, fancy stitches etc.
Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
Model HL-787-EWT
Stitch Formation Chainstitch
Mechanical Type Cylinder Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 7mm
Max. sewing speed 6000rpm
Stitch Length                                  5-8mm
Needle Gauge 4.8mm/5.6mm/6.4mm
Type of Needle UY 128GAS #10
Feed Mechanism Multiple
Packing Size 600*400*640mm                          
Weight 52/48kgs