12 Needles Double Chainstitch Sewing Machine with Shirring

HL-1412P-MR Twelve Needle Flat Bed Double Chain Stitch Sewing Machine With Shirring
1. 12 needle 24 thread, multi-needle industrial sewing machine
2. Flat bed, double chain stitch.
3. Automatic oiling, back and forth looper driving mechanism 
4. It is efficiency and easy to operated.

1. Complete auto oil supplying and filtering system to ensure maximum sewing speed up to 4500rpm.
2. Curve needle vertical movement structure.
3. External pull wheel device.
4. Key spare parts light and hard to ensure the durability.
5. Applicable to common sewing and sewing work of high quality clothes

1404P(four needles), 1406P(six needles), 1408P(eight needles),
1412P(twelve needles), 1413P(thirteen needles), 1433P(thirty needles)

HL-1400P series are a flat-bed, multi needles, double chains stitch machine. These series are multi-purpose machine for attaching elastic, attaching waistband, sewing the front of shirts, attaching line tapes, smocking and shirring etc... Which are ideal for underwear, sportswear, ladys clothes, interior decorated goods (curtains, tables-clothes etc…) 
P:General machine with puller 
PL:Machine for attaching line tapes 
PSF: Machine for shirt fronting 
PQ:Machine for shirring 
PSM: Machine for smocking 
PSSM:Machine for simultaneous shirring + smocking 
PTV: Machine for tuck fabric seaming 
WB:Machine for attaching waistbands 
MR: Machine with ruffling device 
ET: Looper thread elastic model 
PMD-1:Metering device

Technical Parameters
Details Photos
Stitch Samples
Model HL-1412P-MR
Stitch Formation Chainstitch
Mechanical Type Flat Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 10mm
Max. sewing speed 4500rpm
Stitch Length                                  7-17mm
Type of Needle UO113 #14
Feed Mechanism Multiple
Packing Size 600*230*550mm                          
Weight 44/48kgs