Flatbed Chainstitch Picotting Sewing Machine

HL-1302-4W/5W Single Double Needle Flatbed Chainstitch Picotting Sewing Machine
1. This machine performs zigzagging by the built-in cam that moves the needles left and right (2-5 points).
2. Applications: Various designs using and picoting and fagotting.
3. New developed flower stitching machine(Flower Picot) is joined to this series. 
Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
Model HL-1302-4W / 5W
Stitch Formation Chainstitch
Mechanical Type Flat Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 8mm
Max. sewing speed 3500rpm
Stitch Length                                  0.8-1.5mm
Type of Needle UO163 #11
Feed Mechanism Multiple
Packing Size 600*400*600mm                          
Weight 46/42kgs