Double Needle Flat-Bed Making Belt Loop Sewing Machine with Front Fabric Cutter

1. Automatic oil supply system and oil filter complete device, ensure the highest seam 4500rpm.
2. Crocheted using longitudinal motion mechanism. The machine adopts light guide roller device.
3. Key components of the using of light or special hardening treatment, improve the low vibration, abrasion machine.
4. This model with both sides of cutter, the irregular sheet by automatic cutting, hemming sewing a trouser loop strip.
Technical Parameters
Details Photos
Stitch Samples
Model HL-2000C
Stitch Formation Chainstitch
Mechanical Type Flat Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 8mm
Max. sewing speed 4500rpm
Stitch Length                                  9-12mm
Needle Width 8-18mm
Type of Needle DV*57 #14
Feed Mechanism Multiple
Packing Size 600*400*640mm                          
Weight 52/48kgs