Automatic Feeding Button Attaching Sewing Machine

HL-438-977 Automatic Feeding Button Attaching Sewing Machine

1. Automatic Button Feeding Machine can match all kinds of JUKI, BROTHER Button Sewing Machines, like 1903A, 438D, 377D, 1377D, it can be also matched existing machines which garments factories already used, can save cost and no need to buy new button sewing machines.

2. To realize high speed up to 2700sti/min, using high speed tangent to further improve production efficiency. Through the unique levels forced buckle mechanism to ensure that the clip can send to pinch button without the need for skilled operator. In addition, an operator only needs the fabric into the specified location, step on the foot pedal, reduce fatigue. Operation panel: a variety of functions simply by operating the control knob can be set on the panel. In addition, the corresponding fault alarm lights flashing, can quickly make troubleshooting.
3. A variety of models supporting: easy installation on all kinds of button sewing machine without changing sewing table.

4. auto sizing chute with thickness free, regardless of the button size. Accurate positioning: the efficient use of the computer, stepping motor, servo motor control, more stable, more accurate positioning.

5.Fault self diagnosis function: with the corresponding fault alarm system, rapid troubleshooting. Counting system: with counting system, statistical work, improve work efficiency. Easy to use: no need of skilled operator also can quickly learn and use.

6. Used for: Button sewing machine 1900,1903,438,1377,373, etc...

Technical Parameters
Details Photos
Stitch Samples
Model Name HL-438-977
Application Light/medium/heavy      
Max. sewing speed 2700 spm
Lift of presser foot 14mm
Button Attaching Size 8-32mm
Stitch Length 0.1-10mm
Standard Pattern 50 patterns
Storage >200
Needle type PTX17 #14
Weight of machine head 135kgs
Carton CBM 1000*770*580MM