High Speed Button Mounting Attaching Sewing Machine

HL-4-2 High Speed Button Mounting Attaching Sewing Machine   
It is suitable for the button attaching of the light and medium materials.
1. Single chainstitch, single pedal working.

2. The attaching is solid, it is easy to switch the needle number.

3. Suitable to attach flat two holes, four holes, or shank buttons onto all kinds of shirts, overcoats, work uniforms etc. Shanked button and others are also can be sewn by equipping accessories. Its suitable for light and medium weight materials. Single pedal starting. Automatic presser lifting.

Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
Model Name HL-4-2
Application Light/medium/heavy
Max. sewing speed 1,500 spm
Lift of presser foot 14mm
Button Attaching Size 9-27mm
Button Hole Size 2.5-6.5mm
Needle type 20#TQx7
Weight of machine head 25/29kgs
Carton CBM 500*340*410MM