High Speed Electronic Button Attaching Sewing Machine

HL-438G High Speed Direct Drive Electronic Button Attaching Sewing Machine
Applicable to: Two-holes, three-holes, four-holes button attaching sewing work in shirts, suits, uniforms.
1. Maximum sewing speed up to 2700 rpm. Needle grasping device effectively prevent surface line leap. New pulse motor lifting structure could be shifted from one way to two ways, improve the speed of needle cutting and automatic presser foot lifting.
2. New structure of needle cutting transmission device to ensure low noise and shorter needle left on the fabric after cutting.
4. Advanced dry machine head technology. Eliminate the risk of pollution of the materials. Direct adjustment on the control panel to change the position of button holes. Enhanced durability of joint, eliminate the risk of thread break and strike on the button.
5. Control panel easy to operate, number of patterns could be put easily. Easy to adjust button interval by zoom in and zoom out function.
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