Direct Drive High Speed Flat Bed Straight Button Holing Sewing Machine

HL-798 Direct Drive High Speed Flat Bed Straight Button Hole Sewing Machine 
1. Button holing for ordinary cloth, knit, etc.Its suitable for all light and medium weight materials.
2. This machine is capable of forming two different types of stitches, namely flat stitch and triangle stitch. The sewn seam is beautiful and firm.
3. High sewing speed and adjustable buttonhole length, width and stitches quantity.
4. Automatic lubrication system and thread trimmer are equipped 
1. Smooth operation of high quality, high efficiency.
2. Keyhole position adjustment easy.
3. Pressure foot lift amount can be up to 12mm.
4. Pressure foot lift light, reducing fatigue.
5. One set includes machine, table & adjustable stand, induction motor 400W.
Technical Parameters
Details Photos
Stitch Samples
Model Name HL-781D / HL-798 / HL-783NV
Application Light/medium/heavy
Max. sewing speed 3600 spm
Lift of presser foot 12mm
Button Hole Length 9-27mm
Button Hole Width 2.5-6.5mm
Needle type DP*5 11-14#
Weight of machine head 65/70kgs
Carton CBM 750*340*930MM