Double Needle Cylinder Bed Unison Feed Shoes Sewing Machine

HL-8341-254  Double Needle Cylinder Bed Unison Feeding Suitcase Handbag Sewing Machine
1. This model Double Needle Cylinder Bed Unison Feed Extra Heavy Duty Machine, with the compound feeding of needle feed dog and presser foot prevents the slippage of materials and forms net stitch.
2. It adopt sliding thread take-up, imported vertical double rotating hook and forming two lines of lockstitch. The arm shaft and hook shaft are driven by synchrony tooth belt.
3. Knob-type stitch regulator and lever type reverse feeding mechanism permit convenient operation. And install clutch safe device to prevent the damage.
4. It is widely used in sewing tents, arch, umbrella, seat cushion, sofa etc. Saddles, Bridles, Harness, shoes, football, hot air balloon, luggage cases, suitcase… especially for filter bags cylindrical products.
Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
HL-8341-254 / HL-8341-760
Maximum Sewing Speed 1800rpm
Stitch Length 0-8mm
Needle Bar Stroke 33.6mm
Presser Foot Lifting By Hand 9mm; By Knee 25mm
Needle DY×17
Number of Needle Double
Needle Gauge 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.5/12mm
Rotary Hook Large vertical rotary hook
Bed Size in Diameter 90mm
Lubrication System Manual lubrication
Motor 550W Clutch motor
Working Space 254*270mm / 760*270