Long Arm Top and Bottom Feeding Extra Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

HL-2600-L25 Long Arm Top and Bottom Feeding Extra Heavy-weight Material Sewing Machine
1. It adopts the all rotary large shuttle hook and large bobbin which are suitable for thick thread sewing.  
2. The feeding is accurate in sewing, and the upper and lower materials wont slip, so the stitch is beautiful.  
3. It is suitable for sewing tents, chair cushion, polishing wheel (cloth wheel), harness, jute bag, car hood, tarpaulins, bags, jeans, etc.
Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
 MODEL                                                     HL-2600-L25
Maximum Sewing Speed 1200rpm
Stitch Length 0-12.7mm
Needle Bar Stroke 50.8mm
Presser Foot Lifting By Hand 12mm; By Knee 18mm
Needle Type DD×1  27#
Rotary Hook KRT132
Lubrication System Manual lubrication
Motor 550W Clutch motor
Working Space 635×180mm