Long Arm Double Needle Compound Feeding Sofa Furniture Sewing Machine

HL-4400 (Single-needle)
HL-4420 (Double-needle)
HL-4420L-18 (Enlarge Head Working Space)
HL-4400D (Single-needle and thread trimmer with reverse sewing)
HL-4420D (Double-needles and thread trimmer with reverse sewing)

1. This series compound Feed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine is designed with large vertical rotating hooks for thread loop catching and sliding bars for thread up-taking. It has been sub-classed into single needle, two needles, single needle with under-trimmer and two needles with under-trimmer.
2. The application of needle bearings for arm shaft and hook shaft, dog belt driving, plunger pump lubrication and compound feed by needle bar, presser foot and feed dog provides this series with such splendid features as smooth running, quiet working and a long service life. It is also equipped with a safety clutch to prevent the hooks from damage by over-duty operation.
3. It is especially available in stitching sofa, Suitcase, car seat cushions, car upholstery, safety belts, safety air bags, handbags, Luggage case, tents, parachutes, etc..

Technical Parameters
Details Photos
Stitch Samples
Model HL-4400 / HL-4420 / HL-4420L-18
Stitch Formation Lockstitch
Mechanical Type Flat Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 8-16mm
Max. sewing speed 3000rpm
Stitch Length                                  0-7mm
Type of Needle DPX5 #20-30
Packing Size 670*350*635mm                          
Power 400W Clutch Motor / 550W Servo Motor
Weight 50/47kgs