High Speed Industrial Pattern Zigzag Sewing Machine

HL-457 High Speed Industrial Pattern Zigzag Sewing Machine 
1. It adopts the differential gear mechanism with winding device in it, its easily and flexible to operate, and its work stable. Users can sew for the thin, medium-thick fabric of straight, curved seam, pattern seam, joint seam and other sewing methods. 
2. It is suitable to making suit, dress, swimsuit, childrens clothing, bra, shoes, hats, gloves, and embroidery and other clothes, leathers luggage,suitcases and handbags. It can also be extensively applied to the material with thin or medium thickness for linear and curvilinear sewing.
3. The machine is designed as a structure which can be expected to stitch-up of prick with connecting-levers,and provided with swaying needle-staff,clockwise can counter-clockwise units and kneeing device.The machinefeatures in smooth running,flexible operation,convenient maintenance as well as neat and beautitul stitches.
Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
Model Name HL-20U33 / 20U43 / 20U53 / 20U63 / 457
Application Light/medium/heavy
Max. sewing speed 2000 spm
Lift of presser foot 5-12mm
Stitch Length 5mm
Needle type DP*5 12-18#
Weight of machine head 25/22kgs
Carton CBM 550*250*360MM