Three Needle Feed-off-The-Arm Chainstitch Sewing Machine

HL-928-PS Three Needle Feed off The Arm Chainstitch Sewing Machine with Internal Puller
1. The special structure of cantilever tubular is especially suitable for sleeves, trousers and such kind of caliber things joint sewing.
2.Exteriorly equipped with up-down puller system,suitable for thick materials.
3. It is suitable for men`s suits, suit-dress, shirts, work suits, jeans, tent, raincoats, etc.
Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
Model HL-928 / HL-928-PS
Stitch Formation Chainstitch
Mechanical Type Feed of Arm
Max Sewing Thickness 10mm
Max. sewing speed 4000rpm
Stitch Length                                  1.2-5.2mm
Type of Needle TV*5 #18-#21
Feed Mechanism Multiple
Packing Size 605*550*500mm                          
Weight 65/60kgs