Long Arm 56cm Direct Drive High Speed Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine

HL-842-56D Direct Drive High Speed Double Needle Industrial Lockstitch Sewing Machine

1. The machine have structure of twin-needle split needle bar, its very convenient to make corner seam. Feeding in phase needle bar and feed dog is helpful for wonderful stitch.

2. The applicability is strong of sewing materials and synchronized feeding of needle and feed dog, which can prevent slippage between layers of material, they can perform two-row of parallel stitching and decorative seaming with quality.
3. It equips synchronous line tension regulator, the needle drives the fabric to move back and forth and sew two lines of parallel lock stitch. It is suitable for sewing the decorative seam and side seam of all kinds of garments such as underskirt, corset, blouse, overcoat and uniform.
Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
Model HL-842-56D
Stitch Formation Lockstitch
Mechanical Type Flat Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 7-13mm
Max. sewing speed 3500rpm
Stitch Length                                  0-5mm
Needle Gauge 1/8 5/32 7/32 3/8 5/16 1/4
Type of Needle DPX5 #11-22
Packing Size 670*350*635mm                          
Weight 65/57kgs