Automatic Tape Cutting Machine with Punching Hole and Collection Device

HL-150LR Automatic Tape Cutting Machine Hot and Cold Knife Multi-function with Punching Hole and Collecting Device
Applications: All kinds of Woven Belt, Webbing, Ribbon Tapes, Zippers, Leather Belts, Elastic Bands, Ropes, Slings, VELCRO, Shoelace, Plastic Soft Tube, Computer Cable, Labels, etc.
1. High Speed: It can cut 80-100 pcs per minute (e.p. 100mm long, with collecting device).
2. Accuracy: Cut-length is accurate owing to a stepping motor. A sensor makes cut-length accurate by automatic sensing at set-position.
3. Collecting Function: Setting the quantity, it will be collecting automatically, so that clients can be easily packed.
4. Punching Device: According to the needs of users, it can punching different size of the diameter of holes.
5. Cutting Type: The blade is made of high quality steel. Hot cutter can cutting ribbon, thin woven belt and the hot knife melts the end of the tape, cutting is sealed neatly smoothly without any fraying and burrs.
6. Automatic Operation: It works automatically only by setting length, quantity.
7. Computerized: Automatic work and stop, The special fault by self-diagnosis. Direct show the fault problem on the screen, it will easy for you to find clear way to repair.
8. Automatic Stopper: It stops automatically if materials run out during operation.
9. Memory: Set-length, set quantity and set speed are not erased even if power off and on.

Technical Parameters
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Model HL-150LR                          
Cutting Length (mm) >20
Max.Cutting Width (mm) 100
Max.Blade Temp (°C) 250
Voltage 110/220V
Punching Hole Diameter 2-5 mm
Recommended Presser (Mpa) 20-50
Max.Collecting Height (mm) 40
Power 0.65KW
Cutting Speed (p/min) 100pcs
Weight 78 Kgs
Packing Size 80x57x62cm