Long Arm Double Needle Compound Feeding Sofa Furniture Sewing Machine

HL-28BL30 Long Arm Double Needle Compound Feeding Sofa Furniture Sewing Machine
With long arm and wide working space, it can sew large articles easily. It adopts large vertical rotary hook thread hooking and slide bar thread take-up. It is divided into two types: single needle machine and double needle machine. The upper and lower shafts are supported by bearing, driven by synchronous cog belt. The three-synchronous compound feeding: needle, feed dog and presser foot cross lifting mechanism ensures that the upper layer and the lower layer dont shift under any stitch length within the rated scope when sewing lubricating material, viscous material and extra long products, and make the sewing product neat with beautiful stitch. The differential presser foot alternation is 10mm, which ensures the steady and continuous feeding of the presser foot when the material thickness changes such as at the start of lapped seam or cross seam.
In terms of comprehensive performance, it has light and smooth transmission, low noise, high durability and wide working space. There is also a clutch device to protect the hook from overload, which ensures the safety of the hook. It is especially suitable for the abutted sewing of car seat cushion, seat belts, air bags and other automotive trim and tents and parachute. It also can be used as a double needle thick thread pressing machine for the pro-stitching (thick thread ornamental sewing) of leather sofa and car seat covers. This machine can replace SEIKO JW series single, double needle long arm sewing, and the cost is lower.
      Application: large sail (mainsail and front sail), sweep, parachute, military tents, outdoor tents, camping tents, leather car seat covers, car cloth art seat cover, leather sofa, cloth art sofa, seat belts, air bags, sleeping bags, hot air balloon and high-end bedding.
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