Long Arm Compound Feeding Super Heavy Duty Sofa Sewing Machine

HL-246  Long Arm Compound Feeding Super Heavy Duty Sofa Sewing Machine

It ia super long (635mm) extra heavy-weight material sewing machine. It is suitable for the sewing all kinds of extra large products (such as the mainsail of sailing ship). It adopts compound feeding system and plate type sewing bed. With strong and steady feeding power, it can sew multilayer heavy-weight materials easily with precise and beautiful stitch. It adopts the imported large special shuttle hook with large bobbin thread capacity, so the sewing efficiency is high. The bobbin thread winding device is on the upper part of the machine, and the presser foot lifting height can reach 28mm. It is suitable for sewing the handgrip of handbag, baseball glove, sports apparatus, security bags, tents, cushions, bags and other heavy-weight products and extra heavy-weight products. The silicone oil box on the top of the machine is used to lubricate the sewing silk and to cool the needle, which is very convenient to use. The stitch is beautiful and stiff.

      Applications: mattress, space suits, sail, parachute, lifting belt, truck tarpaulin, sofa, hot air balloon, outdoor tents, awnings and so on.

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