Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Heavy Duty Sofa Sewing Machine

HIGHLY brand HL-441 Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Heavy Duty Sewing Machine has the feature of compound feed mechanism and cylinder bed is powerful and steady feeding enables you to sew multiply heavy weight material with nice and beautiful stitches easily. The imported special large shuttle hook and large bobbin winder is on top of the machine head and the presser foot lift can be up to 25mm. is suitable for Sewing saddles, harness, safety belts, shoes making, footwear, sofa, furniture upholstery, heavy and light tack, tire covers, footballs, punching bags, boxing bags, golf bags, baseball bags, softball bags, filter bags, handbags, fiber slings, lanyards,, industrial safty products, military webbing, hoists.

It is the best sold extra heavy-weight material leather sewing machine in the harness manufacturing industry of the US. It adopts three-synchronous compound feeding system: needle, feed dog and presser foot cross lifting structure, which ensures that the upper layer and the lower layer dont shift under any stitch length within the rated scope when sewing lubricating material, viscous material and extra long products, and make the sewing product neat with beautiful stitch. The presser foot lifting height can reach 25mm, with differential presser foot alternation reaching 10mm, which ensures the steady and continuous feed o the presser foot when the fabric thickness changes such as at the start of the lapped seam or at cross seam. 

This machine is equipped with 4 kinds of different presser foot, needle plate and reducer to meet the special requirements in the sewing of different parts (shapes) in the manufacturing process of saddle, harness and leather products. It can be equipped with all kinds of accessories and used as sofa thick-thread single pro-stitching machine. It is suitable for sewing heavy-weight and extra heavy-weight material products such as harness, handgrip of handbag, baseball gloves, sports apparatus, security bags, tents, cushions, bags and so on.

      Application : saddles, harness, leather goods, leather belts, sports equipment, storage box, tent, sail, sofa, soft furniture, lifting belt, safety belts, handbags, bags, shoes, briefcase, golf bag, baseball gloves, mountaineering bag, backpack, boots, industrial filter bags and other leather products.

Technical Parameters
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Stitch Samples
Model HL-441
Stitch Formation Lockstitch
Mechanical Type Cylinder Bed
Max Sewing Thickness 25mm
Max. sewing speed 800rpm
Stitch Length                                  11mm
Thread Take-up Lever Stroke 96mm
Needle Bar Stroke 56mm
Presser Foot Lifting By hand:13mm, By Knee: 25mm
Type of Needle DYX3 21#28#
Feed Mechanism Multiple
Packing Size 790*450*580mm                          
Weight 60/56kgs