High Arm & Long Arm Heavy Duty Sofa Furniture Sweep Sewing Machine

HL-366-76-12HM High ARM & Long Arm Heavy Duty Sofa Furniture Sweep Sewing Machine 

It is the large sewing equipment specially designed for sailing ship manufacturing industry (the machine weighs 280kg). In the sewing of sail, it is necessary to completely expand the canvas of several hundred square meters (so as to sew the several canvases neatly) so that the sail can have the expected tensile strength. The extra large working space is just designed based on this demand. This machine can be matched with strong cloth driving wheel (top and bottom synchronous feeding) to pull the thick canvas of several hundred square meters and ensure smooth feeding.
It adopts the imported large special shuttle hook with large bobbin thread capacity, which can reduce the times of bobbin thread change and improve the working efficiency. It is equipped with 4 cams used for straight stitching, one step two points, two steps three points, three steps four points zigzag sewing. It can meet all the strength requirements of modern sail industry. It can use extra thick sewing thread (from V138 V207 to V277 V346 or 1500 dx3 high-strength polyester thread). With parallel vertical needle bar movement, the needle penetrating power is strong, so it can sew the 20mm canvas (Dacron), Kevlar bulletproof fiber, hardcover, ribbon and plastic plate easily.
This machine is mainly used for sewing mainsail and head sail. Its advantages become more highlighted in the sewing of edge bar-tacking(with lining ribbon) of sweep/sail of sail corner bar-tacking (multilayer canvas ). This sail sewing machine is modified based on Durkopp Adler 366-76-12. It is the essential sewing machine of professional sweep or sail workshop.

Application: large sail (mainsail an head sail), sweep, military parachute, space parachute, large carpet (abutted sewing), military tents, outdoor tents, camping tents, high-grade sofas and furniture (thick-thread ornamental sewing).

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